Expansion of Stock Program
10. January 2017
Thermal technology company Türk+Hillinger
28. May 2017

Leading manufacturer of heating elements first time on Chinaplas – Türk+Hillinger presents its product range in Guangzhou 2017

Türk+Hillinger one of the world´s leading manufacturer of electrical heating elements based in a high tech area in southern Germany, will be this year the first time in Guangzhou to present its wide range of products for the plastics industry.

“Türk+Hillinger market and technology leader for heaters and temperature sensors in the plastic industry is proud to serve our products to a lot of renowned international customers. Be innovative, act global and produce local in a rational and cost effective way, with quality – made in Germany – is the aim our efforts to be international competitive”, so Michael Mann the CEO of T+H group.

The company will be in Guangzhou and shows an extract of its wide production program:

HPQ are nozzle heaters, which consists of a low mass tubular heater type RP. Typical for the HPQ, which is mainly uses in hotrunner systems, is the brass part on which a low mass tubular heater is coiled. HPQ heaters are available in different lengths and diameters with a small wall-thickness and a highly precise power distribution. HPQ heaters are deliverable with or without fixed or changeable thermocouple for an optimal control and regulation performance.

RP is a bendable high performance tubular cartridge heater which offers a high watt density with low mass. The heaters are used where space is at a premium. They are available in different diameters and sections up from 1,2 mm with or without integrated thermocouple.

Temperature Sensors are available in different executions and designs. Straight, in ring shape, as special manifold sensor or designed as high temperature execution. The sensors are grounded or ungrounded. Characteristic for the T+H temperature sensors are the quick response time, a unique moisture proof design and a robust construction. The sensors also have a miniaturized connection sleeve and a high temperature resistant connection.

HLP – high performance cartridge heaters – are metal-sheathed heaters which have an extremely high surface loading and thus high power in a small area. They are available in numberless executions and are used in many applications in the plastic industry, i.e. nozzle heaters for extrusions dies, hot runner systems or hot stamping presses, welding bars or in closure machinery. The heaters are made upon customer request and T+H also offers a comfortable and growing stock type list.

FLEX – the latest product in the range of T+H -is a 3-dimensional flexible bendable tubular heater which is mainly used from many customers in their hotrunner systems. The FLEX is a robust heater with excellent thermal properties, which can freely be bent by hand. It is available in numerous diameters and cross sections. For the users, the FLEX provides great advantages in warehousing. If necessary, the FLEX can be bent easy and quickly into the required form. Due to a high automatization in the production the FLEX is on a lower price level than other flexible tubular heaters on the market.

The German company Türk+Hillinger stands for innovation, high quality and precision with competitive prices. The products are made customer specific and also T+H has a growing program of stock type heaters. Visit T+H at their booth at the Chinaplas in Guangzhou at hall 5.1 and booth No J 15.