New Flex – Türk+Hillinger is expanding its production program
12. April 2016
Türk+Hillinger presents its product range in Guangzhou 2017
10. March 2017

Türk+Hillinger, the world’s leading supplier of electrical heating elements for industrial applications, has once again expanded its extensive inventory program.

Newly added to this program are our small heater cartridges with the diameters of 3.1, 4 and 5 mm. All are outfitted with swaged-in, internally connected flexible teflon-insulated leads with a connection length of 1000 mm.

The popular and very successful High-Performance Cartridge Heaters HLP are widely used in the market place. They have an extremely high surface load which is due to their special design and are therefore capable of accommodating more power in a very small space. The available lengths and diameters enables far more usage in a wide variety of applications.

Further information on the Türk+Hillinger program can be obtained directly from the company.