Stock Program
22. June 2024

Türk+Hillinger expands its stock program for high-performance heating cartridges

We are pleased to announce that we have significantly expanded our stock program for high-performance heating cartridges. This expansion enables us to offer an even greater variety of heating cartridge variants and to ship orders within 24 hours.

The expansion of the stock program for high-performance heating cartridges is a direct response to the increasing demand for reliable and efficient heating solutions in various industries, including the automotive, packaging and plastics industries, general mechanical engineering, medical and drive technology and many more.

By tripling the stock program of heating cartridges, Türk+Hillinger is now able to ensure even faster delivery and a larger selection of needs-based variants in order to meet the specific requirements of its customers. “This expansion enables us to support our customers even better by offering a wider range of options and processing orders even faster,” says Managing Director Michael Mann. You can find more information about our expanded warehouse program here.