Pack Expo 2015
12. October 2015
T+H exhibits at Hannover Trade Show 2016
11. April 2016

For many years, Türk+Hillinger has been able to supply its market with proven dyanmic braking resistors.  We are now able to immediately provide to our customers, a new ALW design series with UL approval. The popular ALW series that is available with UL approval include: ALW40, ALW60, ALW70, ALW80x15, ALW80x20, ALW90 and ALW130.
The T+H load resistors, with the new design, incorporate the special characteristics of higher capactiy, pulse strength and more durability, but also provides a one to one interchangeability with the old ALW series.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent organization that examines the products in terms of their security and certifies products for the North American market.  UL has developed standards and procedures to test products, components, materials and systems to see, if they meet specific requirements.  Once products comply with the UL prescribed standards, they can then display the-UL Mark.

UL has developed more than 1,300 safety standards, many of which are American National Standards (ANSI).  A typical standard for electrical goods includes not only the requirements for electrical safety, but also a wide range in terms of flammability and mechanical hazards.

The T+H brake and load resistors are used in all applications where it is important to lower power peaks in electromechanical systems or where mechanical energy via the electromechanical coupling is converted into heat, i.e. in frequency converters or in the deceleration of electric drives.

During braking of electronically controlled drives, power peaks occur in the conversion of kinetic energy, which can destroy the electronic components.  With a load resistor type ALW these power peaks are capped, converted into heat and thus protect the electronic components against destruction.