Pack Expo 2015
12. October 2015

New Product Release: Flanged Heating Elements with Long Service Life and High Performance. In order to enhance the product portfolio of T+H heating elements at Limbach-Oberfrohna, a new production line for Flanged Heaters was put into operation.

T+H Flanged Heaters are pressure tested up to 40 bar, and are characterized by long-term stability. Remote connection housings, available in different materials and up to IP67 protection class, simplify the assembly process and increase the reliability at temperatures below the dew point, which can occur, for example, when heating CO2 or in outdoor areas. Stable support tubes and flow plates are used to ensure optimal flow in harsh conditions. Flanged heaters are often the first choice for use in harsh environments, when high performance and / or low surface loads are required. Custom designs are implemented in close consultation with our customers. Feel free to contact us about your Flanged Heater needs!

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