RP High performance tubular heater
6. September 2017
PMVA – Compacted heating element
7. September 2017

Lightly compacted cartridge heater Type PMV


Metal-sheathed catridge heater with outer sheath of CrNi-steel. Compared with conventional catridge heaters of the same dimension and power, these have greater mechanical strength and a longer life. Suitable for heating solid and fluid media.

Diameters 10; 12,5; 16; 20 mm
Surface loading abt. 6,5 W/cm²
Permissible temperature rise 750° C
Tolerance on diameter +0,2mm
Connections pure nickel wire 30mm or insulated leads
Voltage 230 V

Plastics industry, engineering industry, wood working machinery, shoe-making machinery, domestic appliances, high-vaccum techniques, foundries, laboratory work, packaging industry