HP – Nozzle heater
7. September 2017
RKF – Flat tubular heater
7. September 2017

Nozzle heater Q-series Type HPQ


The nozzle heaters type HPQ are a further development of the conventional Türk+Hillinger nozzle heaters type HP. Basis of the nozzle heaters type HPQ is a low mass tubular heater type RP/RPZ, coiled into a slot of a cylindrical sleeve with precise ID. Optional the nozzle heaters are deliverable with or without thermocouple.


  • precise power distribution
  • customer specific designs
  • highest reproductivity
  • smallest tolerances
  • compact and robust design with small wall thickness
Base material Brass or CrNi tube Sheath material of the tubular cartridge heater Nickel or CrNi-steel
Inner diameter 5 – 30 mm (tolerance + 0,03)
Length 20 – 400 mm
Min. wall thickness 1,3 mm
Voltage 12 – 230 V
Power tolerances + – 10 % (smaller on request)
Power distribution upon customer specification
Connection type upon customer specification
Optional available with integrated thermocouple

Heating of nozzles for the plastics industry, e.g. hotrunner systems, heating of liquids within tubes, heating of metals with circular cross section.


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