PACK EXPO 2017 – a huge success for Turk+Hillinger USA, Inc.
19. October 2017
Türk+Hillinger is now present in China
7. September 2018

Türk+Hillinger is fully invested in its future and continues its rapid growth


The Türk+Hillinger Group, headquartered in Swabian Tuttlingen and its business subsidiaries in Saxony, Hungary and the USA, is a successful medium-sized company. With over 850 employees today, the company produces and supplies electrical heating elements, load and braking resistors, as well as thermocouples.

“In 2017, we will again see double-digit growth for the fifth year in a row. We are very proud of our corporate development”, says Managing Director Michael Mann. Mr. Mann, the son-in-law and the second generation of the founding family, Hillinger, now alone successfully leads the company. He emphasizes, that fortunately this dynamic 50 year old company, has not had to deal with disputes or disagreements with management or with shareholders. The company structure, has rigorously been trimmed to be highly effective and is the epitome of “lean” and cost-oriented, as a result of the graduate businessman. When Mr. Mann joined the company 20 years ago, it had well under 300 employees and was technologically stagnant . The number of administrative employees has only slightly increased since that time.

“Over the last few years, we have reinvested a good deal of money and as a result of right strategic decisions, have reoriented the company and systematically developed it into a global market leader.” To further expand its leading position, over the past two years more than 12 Million Euros have been invested in the expansion and optimization of state-of-the-art machinery. “With Türk+Hillinger engineered custom-made machines that are not available in the market place, the manufacturing and testing processes are further optimized. In the last 10 years alone, investments of around 40 Million Euros have been made.” As a family-owned business, we think and act in the long term and are a strong and reliable partner for our customers for the long run”, which is the corporate mission of the Hillinger Family.

“Years ago, we were too focused on the home appliance sector and were constantly under enormous cost pressure.” For T+H, the idea of mass production, line production and cost pressure was a daily business.” The home appliance market has virtually collapsed over the last few years for us,” says the graduate businessman. “In the industrial sector, our competitors forged ahead, while we missed many new devolpment opportunities.” By realigning and consistently transforming its strategies, the company has again advanced to the top as a world class supplier of heating elements in the industrial sector.

Today, T+H ranks as absolute number one in Germany and is a world leader in the plastics industry, supplying heating elements and thermocouples.” In the automotive sector, the company is the world-market leader in highly compressed heater cartridges that operate in map-controlled thermostats. T+H is also a leader within components for heated catalytic converters, such as cartridge heaters for Adblue, respectively, for reducing emissions and particulate matter. T+H thermal technology is also evident in fuel preheating, supplementary heating or targeted heating of individual components in cars or buses, in addition to instantaneous water heaters for electric cars and high end heaters for fuel cell technology.

The synergy effects of the broad T+H product range, the highly automated production processes and the innovative strength and speed have virtually overwhelmed the existing competition. With over 500 patent applications today, the company enhances its position as an experienced development and technology consultant within the electric heating industry.

“Our market share and our growth are far from over. We continue to grow and remain independent.” Together with today’s 90 year old company founder, Erich Hillinger, the Managing Director is convinced and looks forward to the next generation, who is also interested in the company’s activities. The continuation of the company is in family hands and remains secure.

Managing Director Michael Mann with his son, Hendrik, at Fakuma 2017